The Supplies You’ll Need for English Paper Piecing

The Supplies You’ll Need for English Paper Piecing

You can complete a quilting project in many ways. One of the most popular ways is English paper piecing, especially when including complicated shapes. With English paper piecing (EPP), you sew fabric around a paper template so that you always have the correct shape. Once your project is finished, you remove the paper to reveal a unique, beautiful design.

This type of quilting requires a few extra supplies compared to other types of quilting. Keep reading to get an idea of the supplies you’ll need for a successful English paper piecing project.

Paper Pieces

This supply truly sets EPP apart from other types of quilting. You can cut your desired shape out of paper you already own or order pre-cut paper pieces from a quilting store. Cutting your own shapes allows you to recycle paper, which is great for the environment. However, it might be too thin to withstand all the sewing during your project. If you decide to cut your own shapes, use thick paper, such as cardstock.

Template and Fabric

Like all quilting projects, you need fabric for EPP. You can choose any type of fabric, although EPP traditionally has several layers of fabric around each paper piece. This means you should choose thinner fabric for easier layers. Cut your fabric according to a template that is the same shape as your paper pieces but large enough for a 1/4-inch seam allowance. You can use traditional quilting templates or the paper piece as a template.

Rotary Cutter or Scissors

If you want to cut your layers of fabric at the same time, then you should use a rotary cutter. While you can use scissors and cut one layer at a time, it will unnecessarily increase your project timeline. However, it will help you save on fabric waste. The choice is up to you. If you decide to use a rotary cutter, pair it with a cutting mat. These mats protect your work surface and keep your rotary cutter moving in straight lines.

Needle and Thread

You can’t complete a sewing project without the basic sewing supplies like needles and thread. For an EPP project, you’ll need extra needles to pin the paper to the fabric while you sew around the edges. Make sure you have enough needles for pinning and sewing before you start. You’ll also need adequate thread for the size of your chosen shapes. Prepare enough thread to sew the paper to the fabric and each fabric shape to each other.

Optional: Thimbles and Glue

If you have a habit of sticking yourself during any sewing project, then you should always keep thimbles on hand. Experienced quilters may not feel the need to wear them; they may prefer the traditional EPP method of sewing the corners of the shapes together. Others may prefer the modern glue method. Glue dots or glue sticks work best if you want to try this method.

You’ll need standard quilting supplies for English paper piecing, along with some additional supplies to help with this special project. Lindley General Store has you covered if you need quilt measuring tools to try your hand at EPP or help you complete other projects. Our tools can assist a variety of creative projects.