Cotton Fabric for Clothing


      Synthetic materials are so last year. Many fabrics are often made with synthetic fibers, which can be harmful to the skin. But here at Lindley General Store, we ensure our lightweight cotton fabric is made with high-quality materials so that you can sew with confidence.

      Clothing that is made with better fibers will last longer and treat your skin like royalty, so be sure to check out our cotton fabric for clothing!

      Whether you’re designing clothes for yourself, family members, or customers, cotton apparel fabric will always have a place in your shop. Contact Lindley General Store to learn more about our quality fabrics!

      Please Read Carefully:

      All yardage is sold in ½ yard increments. 
      Example: if you want 1½ yards, select Qty 3.

      This DOESN'T mean that your fabric will come in 3 half yard pieces. 
      It will come as one continuous 1½-yard piece.