Our Story

Where it all began...

A long time ago, in a land far away. Seriously folks, our story began in Barbados. You see, Lindley General Store might not have been around for a terribly long time, but our family has been in small business for a very long time! It started in an old barn well over 30 years ago....yep, my dad and his siblings build a business out of an old cow shed.

When we moved to Canada in 2015, we all knew that we would want to start or own a small business again. We tossed around a lot of ideas until we hit upon the idea of an online general store. I don't mind telling you, we got more then our fair share of stares from people when we said we were going to start an online general store. Apparently, it's not something you do every day?!

What's with the name?

We arrived at the name Lindley General Store after much careful consideration and deliberation. Just kidding!

Lindley was my paternal grandfathers middle name. Fun fact: the Lindley font in our logo is loosely based off his handwriting! The general store part of the name is no less sentimental, although quite a different story. We grew up without TV and our main form of entertainment was books. My mom would read to us when we were younger. She read the entire Little House series to us, including the Martha, Charlotte and Caroline years. I grew up absolutely enamoured with the idea of weaving, quilting, churning my own butter, and living in a log cabin. But I think the thing that stood out the most in my memory, was Laura's descriptions of the general store in the town of Peppin. The barrels of dried goods, the isles of candy, candles, canning supplies, and just about anything else you could think of. And oh, the bolts of brightly coloured calicos! Let's just say that quilt fabric was always going to be a part of our general store.

So where are we?

We are located in the picturesque town of Meaford, ON.

We are a 'modern' business. By that I mean, we don't have a storefront and we operate entirely online! I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty cool.

Looking ahead

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to build a brand that people would come to know as reliable. We consistently strive to ensure that our quality and selection of products are actually meeting our customers needs. And most of all that our service exceeds expectations.

Our goal for the future is much the same as we continuously expand our product line and do our best to continue to serve you.

I cannot speak of the future without thanking each of you for your help in making our dream a reality thus far.


Meet the Team

We are the Kellys. The team behind Lindley General Store.

Originally from Barbados, we immigrated to Canada in 2015. Our team consists of our family, David (dad), Melanie (mom), Abigail and Meg (the kiddos).

Fun fact: Dad is the only one with a Barbadian accent!

From left to right: Abigail, Melanie, David and Meg.