Quilting Month Week 4

This promotion is now over. We'll see you in March 2023!


Good morning everyone!

Happy belated National Quilting Day! Apparently, even though we've spent the month celebrating, I completely forgot the day!

When trying to think of products for week 4 product spotlight, I asked myself, what is the most neglected part of quilting? Turns out the answer wasn't what but who! It's you, the quilter. So we're doing a discount this week on 4 of our favourite personal care items, including a hand gel formulated especially for quilters and crafters! 
Use Code: CARE
  • 10% off any or all of these products (this collection only)
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount
  • Must be applied at checkout
  • Expires 28th March at 9:00 AM EST

How to get the block pattern:

  1. Join our newsletter (click here). If you are already on our newsletter, you are all good!
  2. Email us at help@lindleygeneralstore.ca and share with us a favourite memory that involves quilting! 

It could be a memory about making a special quilt, or giving a special quilt to a special someone or maybe it's your memories of your mother and grandmother quilting. You know what memory stands out to you!

We'll be choosing some of your responses to share next year for quilting month.

Promotions This Week:

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