The Most Important Tools You Need for Crochet Projects

The Most Important Tools You Need for Crochet Projects

Crocheting projects are taking the internet by storm, blowing up across social media as people show off the blankets, stuffed animals, and clothes they’re making. For beginners, these projects can look overwhelming. However, once you have the right tools and lots of practice, you can create almost anything. Keep reading to learn about the most important tools you need for crochet projects so that you can get started.

The Right Crochet Hook

Unlike sewing and quilting, crocheting is a skilled hobby that you can’t use a machine to complete. This means you need more tools, especially crochet hooks. Crochet hooks come in various sizes, and the right size will depend on your level of expertise, the kind of yarn you’re using, and the type of project you’re working on.

If you’re learning to crochet for the first time, you’ll probably want to start with a 5mm hook, also known as an H-8. It’s a good middle-ground hook that works well with the yarn commonly prescribed for beginner projects. However, you may feel more comfortable with a larger or smaller size depending on the size of your hands. Start with an H-8 and see how you feel after using it.

Good Yarn

Other than crochet hooks, yarn is probably the most obvious tool you need to start crocheting. After all, you can’t make anything without it. The problem is that there’s lots of yarn on the market. So if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can easily pick out the wrong thing and struggle to start your project.

The best type of yarn for beginners is worsted. Like the medium-sized crochet hooks, worsted yarn is a medium-sized yarn, making it easy for people to hold. With this yarn, you can also see your stitches easier than with smaller yarn, which many beginners find helpful. Just try to stay away from dark yarn at the very beginning, as it’s harder to see your stitches with dark colors, even if it’s worsted.

Sharp Scissors

While sewing requires people to use various scissors of different sizes, beginning crocheters only need one pair of scissors. However, you need to invest in a good, sharp pair to keep up with all the yarn you need to cut. There are specific yarn scissors on the market if you want to invest in the perfect pair for your project, but if you’re unsure if you want to commit to crocheting, then a normal pair of scissors should work fine.

The most important aspect of your scissors is that they stay sharp. Average scissors, especially if you’ve had them around the house for a while, may already be too dull to help you complete your projects. If you’re planning to use normal household scissors, you can buy a new pair or sharpen them. This will cost less than buying a new pair of yarn scissors and will help you do your project correctly. After the project is complete, you can decide to invest in a pair of yarn scissors for future projects. Alternatively, you can just keep your current sharp scissors around the house if you choose not to crochet anymore.

A Measuring Device

After you first start crocheting, you might learn simple skills like making chains. Eventually, though, you’re going to move on to specific projects that require measuring. When that time comes, you’ll need the right measuring device. You can choose between a ruler or a tape measure—whichever you’re more comfortable with.

In addition to a ruler or tape measure, you may also want a pattern chart marker. A pattern chart marker helps you measure patterns from books, so if you’re learning how to crochet on your own with books to guide you, this may be a useful tool for you. However, it’s not a required tool for all beginners.

Several Locking Stitch Markers

Unless you choose a small, easy project that’s beneath your skill level or have hours to dedicate to crocheting, you’re not going to finish a project in one sitting. That’s okay. Crocheting is a great hobby that you must fit into your free time. That means that it sometimes takes days and weeks to finish something. The only problem you have to worry about with this time frame is losing the end of your yarn.

Locking stitch markers help you keep your place in your project. This way, you don’t lose the end of your yarn. While you can use stitch markers in other kinds of projects like sewing and quilting, locking stitch markers clasp onto your yarn to ensure nothing unravels as your project waits for completion. They mark the start and end of your pattern, so you always know where you were last time when you sit back down.

A Yarn Needle

To finish up your crochet project, you’ll need a yarn needle. Yarn needles help you sew the yarn ends back into your project so that you don’t have any loose pieces. You can use a yarn needle as you work and change yarn, or you can use it at the end, depending on the type of project you’re working on.

Yarn needles come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Beginners often find it easiest to work with size 7 or 8 needles since these best accommodate worsted yarn. You can also find bent yarn needles, which slide more easily under worked-up patterns. However, you probably won’t need a bent yarn needle until you get comfortable with a traditional yarn needle.

Organizational Tools

Now that you know what tools you need, you must have a place to put them. Hook organizers are the best for storing crochet hooks, especially if you’re getting more advanced and have multiple sizes. To store yarn, your measuring device, stitch markers, and scissors, you can use any kind of organizational tool you want. Many people use sewing baskets, but they may be too small if you like to use larger yarn. Small milk crates and similar containers should give you the space you need to organize all your tools.

The most important tools you need for crochet projects are crochet hooks, yarn, scissors, a measuring device, stitch markers, a yarn needle, and some form of organizational item. If you need these crochet tools and accessories or any other materials for your next creative project, head to Lindley General Store. We offer lots of supplies and resources so that you can get creative and sharpen your skills.

The Most Important Tools You Need for Crochet Projects